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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> i was afraid because there were these two people who might do me harm. >> i have had at least 15 signs taken from my side yard. >> reporter: neighbors noticed cutoff pieces of nguyen's signs were dumped in a trash container. >> they are upset and scared about what's happening in the neighborhood. why are the signs being stolen. >> reporter: they staked out and shot this video of councilmember rose herrera's husband matt whelan allegedly carrying away campaign signs late sunday night. they hid out for an up-close gotcha moment. that's when the fireworks started. >> who [ bleep ] are you. get awaym me. [ bleep ]. >> he then told me that he had a knife. he reached inside his pocket pulled something out and made a swipe at me.
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i jumped back. i believe that he had a knife. so i turned and i ran for might have life. >> reporter: did you threaten them with a knife. >> i said that i had one but i didn't really have one. >> reporter: whelan is married to rose herrera the district 8 city council incumbent battling nguyen for the seat. he admits to destroying signs on his lawn. >> i go out there and there were two jimmy signs on my lawn. i was taking those and removing them from my property and i was cutting them up and i was discarding them. >> reporter: whelan says he was pushed to the ground and blinded by the video lights. he says he couldn't tell who was there and they didn't identify themselves so he went into self-defense mode. >> certainly didn't put his hands on them. they however put their hands on him and knocked him down and they're cowards. >> reporter: now, both sides in this confrontation claim that they were afraid for their
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lives yet neither one called 911 immediately. but this morning, mr. whelan did notify police and filed an assault and battery case against mr. derole low and as of an hour ago police were investigating this case. >> just to clarify, if the signs are on his yard, they have a right to do whatever they want if it's on their property? >> reporter: that's right. you can throw it away on your property. but the big question is here, why did mr. whelan take them to a dumpster several blocks away from his own home? i asked him that. he said that he didn't want the evidence lying around in his dumpster because that would be an obvious thing that he had been stealing other signs so he didn't want to do that. went in a secret place and apparently got surprised. >> i see. all right. len ramirez, thank you. disney now controls both of the bay area's major film companies. it has owned pixar for years and today it bought lucas film for more than $4 billion.
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cbs 5 reporter linda yee on why legendary filmmaker george lucas decided to sell now. >> reporter: handshakes and contract signing happened today. the $4billion deal means lucas turns over his legendary "star wars" franchise to one of the world's best known brands, disney. lucas film has its headquarters here in the san francisco presidio employing some 1200 to 1400 people in its production offices. in a company released video statement, lucas says he is selling because it's time. >> as i have gone through my career, i realized at some point i needed to retire and i wanted to go on and do other things, things in philanthropy. the final block in that was to find a good solid home for the company. and the first place i thought was disney. >> this gives disney infinite inspiration and opportunities to continue the epic "star wars" saga. fans can expect the new feature
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film "star wars" episode 7 in theater worldwide in 2015. >> reporter: the first feature film will come under the disney lucas film brand. the deal includes lucas' industrial light and magic, its visual effects company, and lucas sound, the dynamics that made all of lucas' films so amazing and popular. lucas film employees met with lucas as well as top management all afternoon to discuss their future. at the presidio, linda yee, cbs 5. a day after making landfall, super storm sandy is still making history. more than 8 million customers in 15 states are without power. new york city's subway system is swamped. countless homes have been destroyed by fire, wind or flood. it's estimated the damage will be well into the tens of billions of dollars. the storm still has flights grounded across the country, but some very important travelers are managing to make their way back east from the
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bay area. cbs 5 report he elissa harrington shows us they are answering a cross-country call for help. >> i have been sleeping on that little sofa over there. >> reporter: tommy nguyen is among thousands of stranded travelers waiting out sandy in an airport. he is trying to get back to new york where he is a grad student and does not want to miss class. he spent the night at sfo unable to change his flight over the phone. >> whenever i try to call them, the automated machine told me that the volume is too much and i couldn't contact them, and they hang up on me every time when i try to call them. >> reporter: more than 15,000 flights have been grounded and in the past two days, almost 300 to an from sfo. california rescue crews however are getting as close as they can to the storm and what's left in its wake. yesterday the california national guard sent military airplanes, helicopters and pararescue teams to assist in flood zones. and today, pg&e crews are gearing up to help the millions
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left without power. >> pitching in, in the wake of's disaster such a hurricane or natural disaster such as a fire and helping rebuild electrical infrastructure. >> reporter: more than 150 pg&e crews including underground specialists will help supplies cables and repair power poles knocked down by falling trees. governor jerry brown announced the california emergency management agency is also working to deploy utility crews while members of the state's urban search-and-rescue are already on scene. the red cross, however, is having the same problem as many travelers. >> we are not able to send any more volunteers because the airports are closed. >> reporter: nearly 11,000 people stayed in red cross shelters overnight in 16 states. >> in the flooding situation, they need shelter, they need food, and the volunteers are ready to give people their basic necessities. >> reporter: it could take airlines days to get back to their normal schedules. passengers meanwhile should keep a close eye on their flight status as the storm
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continues to change. at sfo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> sandy's impact is also expected to be felt online. not necessarily now, but by the next week. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre on how the problems in new york could spread across the country. mark. >> reporter: well, dana, flooding and also power outages at important data centers in new york took some popular websites like the huffington post and others offline today and the problems could expand even though the storm has now moved on. while the flooded streets and buildings of new york city might be the most obvious signs of the severity of the storm, there could be an impact well beyond the actual storm region. new york is one of the biggest hubs of internet connectivity in the world and the full extent of the damage is likely not yet known. >> most of the computing equipment is above ground so what we are talking about being destroyed is the networking equipment that's underground. >> reporter: the enterally group a silicon valley-based high-tech consulting firm says it could be a few days to see
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how bad the problem is. >> if much of that network traffic is shifted to the backup hubs, those hubs will quickly reach overcapacity and start to fail. so this problem could be more pronounced next week. >> reporter: silicon valley companies like google say their infrastructure is still up and running but problems with east coast telecom providers are impacting some services. some customers of google voice are disrupted and its new york office remains closed. as for e-commerce, big home improvement companies like home depot say online operations have not been impacted. >> they just realize the difficulty is we are taking out a good chunk of the network infrastructure potentially and that's where we have the problem. take that network infrastructure up and start shifting to other places they are at or near capacity and can't take a lot more. >> reporter: flooding has been one. major issues, power is another major issue. some of the centers have backup diesel generates. there are reports they can't get more diesel fuel to keep them running but in terms of
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any potential network damage, the extent of that is simply not known at this point. and once it is, only then will we understand what the longer term impact could be. >> just have to take a break from all that for a bit and let things get back working. mark, thank you. campaign 2012 we have late word about a court ruling on campaign finances. this was all about a ballot proposition that received an $11 million donation from out of state. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee with the late details. >> reporter: that's right. it came from arizona. but what we did not expect was a sacramento judge to make that ruling until the hearing which was scheduled for tomorrow. but she did. she made a strong tentative ruling today and this is a big win for the fair political practices commission as well as governor brown. now, the governor has been demanding that the arizona donors behind the $11 million political donation be identified. he even accused them of having a hidden agenda. that money was marked to talk down his education initiative
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for schools prop 30 and also in support of prop 32. that's the initiative that would prohibit payroll deductions for political purposes. the judge ruled today that the donors of what the governor calls shadowy figures has to be revealed at least to the fair political practices commission and they have a new deadline, that is this thursday at 4 p.m. it's up to the fppc if voters find out who the donors are depending on whether the donors actually knew that the money was headed to california and what it was supposed to be used for. if they did not know, the fccp says they wouldn't release their names but if they did know where the money was headed we should learn their identities before the election. so a very big development here, allen. >> one week to go. thank you. >> a shark attack off the northern california coast. and this chewed up surfboard is only part of the story. >> world series parade is tomorrow.
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expect a flood of fans in san francisco. the smartest ways to get into and out of the city. >> weather changes beginning right now impacting the parade and trick or treating coming up tomorrow. beautiful sunset but it is getting cloudier outside. when is that rain going to arrive? details. the fog is already here. details on the rain coming up in the forecast. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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a shark. the shark a northern california surfer is recovering at the hospital tonight after being attacked by a shark. a shark bit the 25-year-old around noon today off the north jetty at humboldt bay in humboldt county. take a look at that! a shark also took a bite, a chunk, out of the surfboard. witness say the victim had gashes from his ribs to his hips. it was fellow surfers who rushed him to the hospital and
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saved his life. he is in fair condition. checking bay area headlines, an industrial accident in san francisco sent a construction worker to the hospital this afternoon. firefighters say that he fell off a 10-foot ladder at pier 27 and hurt his leg. unclear what casted that accident. and in san jose, a family of five escaped from their burning home this morning. the fire broke out on linda flores street in the berryessa neighborhood. investigators are trying to figure out how it started. san francisco's district attorney says his office will be going after several people arrested in the violence following the giants world series win. at a news conference earlier today, district attorney george gascon announced at least 8 cases including five felonies that his office will be prosecuting and more could be coming. >> we want to send a very clear message that we will prosecute every one of those cases that is presented to us and the evidence is there, we will
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prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law. >> several of those charges include assaulting a police officer, discharging a firearm, robbery, resisting arrest and arson. san francisco's mayor wants to prevent a repeat of sunday's violence tomorrow. in his news conference today mayor lee emphasized team work among all the fans coming out for the victory parade and asked people to look out for one another. >> this is a family-friendly event. it will be celebrated by every neighborhood in the city. we all want everybody to come down but because of the sheer numbers, we ask that everybody look out for each other as a team would. >> this is also the chinese year of the dragon, so mayor lee presented giants ceo larry baer with a paper dragon holding the world series baseball to symbolize the bold team work that the giants
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showed in winning the championship. ♪ [ music ] >> and today was a final tune- up for the archbishop riordan high school band for the second time in three years, the band is making an appearance at a giants victory parade. the band's leader says the musicians are hoping one of the giants ballplayers helps lead them down the parade route. and the parade is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. tomorrow at the foot of market street and then head up to the civic center plaza. mission street will also be closed from embarcadero to 9th street. and in the spirit of halloween it could be pretty scary getting around that part of town tomorrow. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo is at the civic center plaza. i understand you have some tricks for people trying to get into the city? >> reporter: well, we are making it a little easier but it's going to be a chore. this is where the parade route ends and where the players will give their speeches. but it is going to be an adventure just getting to this point. essentially tomorrow morning we are going to see two commutes one for those going to work and
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the other for those heading to the parade. last time there were more than a million giants fans who watched the championship parade. they took every mode of transportation imaginable and they will do the same this year. if you're coming in from the east bay, bart is going to be a popular choice. bart is going to be running on a rush hour schedule all day long using every train possible. still, they are warning people that there will be long lines and crowds so you might want to buy a roundtrip ticket today. keep in mind, the 2010 world series parade set a bart record with 522, 200 passengers. a few stations closed temporarily because there were too many people on the platforms. and some fans may opt to take ferories. the san francisco bay ferry is adding an extra trip here from oakland also vallejo and alameda and there are ferries on standby for the trip home. golden gate ferries adding service from both larkspur and sausalito and has others ready if needed. since it's first come, first served you would be wise to buy
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tickets ahead of time so you're not left at the dock and here's where a flood of people are going to be getting off powell train here in san francisco at fourth and king. they will have extra trains on hand tomorrow, but they warn even if you buy a parking permit, it doesn't guarantee you a parking space at the station you want. once the giants faithful reach the city, they will probably just start walking along the parade route, which for the most part is market street. and then they will find their spot. some might think about taking muni but first consider this. two dozen muni and cable car lines will be affected because of the parade route. i have heard from some people who say they are going to stake out their spot along the parade route as early as 8 a.m. the parade starts at 11. the real early birds are going to miss all the traffic. they expect hundreds of people to camp out overnight. okay. so the best advice is no matter where you' going or how you're coming into town make sure you allow extra time of the golden gate transit says people who are planning on taking the bus over the bridge should expect
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delays. anyone who thinks they are going to drive to san francisco tomorrow, good luck to them. >> i'm thinking of sleeping here at the station tonight. [ laughter ] >> reporter: might be well advised. >> everybody pack your patience. right in your pocket. all right, ann, see you tomorrow. and if you can't make it to the parade or if you just want to steer clear of the crowds, you can watch all the festivities live on cbs 5 starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning and we'l -- and we'll will be stream the parade live on >> ann was rocking the orange. >> we have something else tomorrow night. a couple of thousand kids trick or treating, you may need the umbrella for that. change is coming. a beautiful sunset. sunset right now at our mount vaca camera which means this time next week sunset will have happened one hour ago.
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we're falling back this weekend. sunset will be earlier than 5:30. trick or treat forecast, showers are moving in from the north to the south. but the longer the kids stay out tomorrow night, the higher the likelihood that you will get some showers and get wet tomorrow evening. hi-def doppler right now is completely dry but look at the size of the storm sitting off the western washington coastline here and it's slowly going to dive south. what's going to happen tomorrow morning it will be close but not close enough to give us rainfall so if you are heading to the parade you will be dry. then tomorrow evening when you head out for trick or treating showers arrive moving in from north to south but there's a good bet that anytime from 5:00 onward tomorrow there will be showers out there. sunshine moves in thursday afternoon behind the front. but rain moving in just in time for halloween. highs tomorrow only in the 60s mainly cloudy livermore 69, san jose 66. coming in for the parade, grab a jacket. high in san francisco tomorrow only 64 degrees. we are soggy wednesday night. we're soggy on thursday. highs in the 60s. sunshine comes back on friday.
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and how about the first weekend of november? 80 inland by sunday, mid-70s by the bay and we'll stay dry through election day but showers moving in for trick or treaters tomorrow evening. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. students learning about street smarts. the high-profile bay area case prompting police to get on it. >> it's all changed now and changing here. >> it's not the noise but the silence that's deafening. hear how the sound of bay area nature is changing over time.
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brew what you love, simply. keurig. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. crime rates have penninsula police jumping into action. they're getting proactive by teaching students life savig the abduction of sierra lamar and increasing crime rates have peninsula police getting pro-active by teaching students life-saving
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techniques. patrick sedillo shows us how these moves actually work. >> reporter: this isn't a schoolyard fight. it's actually 7th graders at central middle schoool in san carlos learning self-defense. and how to get out of bad situations. >> we educate kids on how to stay safe and self-defense techniques to keep them safe. >> i can't hold her. >> reporter: officer eric holds a fifth degree black belt in campo karate. he knows what he's talking about. >> it stops the bleeding. it gives themself confidence. >> reporter: peninsula police decided to get pro-active after the abduction of sierra lamar and an uptick in school related crimes. >> elbow in, grab and pulls away. what i do is come over... >> oh. >> like the dangerous crazy stuff it that's happened recently, the guy who exposed himself for one. >> reporter: she happens to have a bigger iq than body weight. often picked on, the program was built for someone like this
6:25 pm
person. >> i ride a bike from school to home quickly. >> reporter: each class is an hour. use a fun system. be aware of your surroundings before having to use self- defense moves like these. >> like that. >> all right. did that work? >> yeah. >> reporter: reporting from san carlos, patrick sedillo -- >> and she pulls away. >> reporter: -- cbs 5. coming up in our next half hour, president obama is preparing to tour the damage from sandy. we'll have the latest on the storm that new york's mayor says could be the worst the city has ever experienced. >> for years, they cashed in on unused vacation and sick leave. why workers in one bay area county are now rushing to retire. >> the world is louder than ever. but how is manmade noise impacting nature? after recording sound in a bay area park for 20 years, this scientist's startling discovery coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... blow from superstorm sandy. now at:30 the east coast is still reeling tonight after take a tremendous body blow from super storm sandy. the nation's largest city was one of the hardest hit. new york mayor michael bloomberg described the
6:29 pm
destruction as reminiscent of scenes from world war ii. cbs reporter veneta nail joins us from lower manhattan with the latest. >> reporter: dana, you mentioned the words body blow. what a difference 24 hours makes. 24 hours ago at this time, the area where i'm standing was completely inundated with all of the water you see there. you can see it's a very different scene right now. sandy's powerful winds and storm surge slammed the city and rattled the residents. >> the entire residents here has been flooded out. no electricity. >> reporter: the city is slowly coming back to life. some buses are back on the streets but the mayor says it could take days to get the flooded subway system back on track and tens of thousands are still without power. >> this was a devastating storm, maybe the worst that we
6:30 pm
have ever experienced. >> i don't think that we expected the damage that we're seeing. >> reporter: storm surge flooded this area of lower manhattan last night. it crashed over the seawalls at a record height of almost 14 feet. the water poured into the brooklyn-battery tunnel. new yorkers have never seen anything like it. fierce winds ripped the facade from a four-story manhattan apartment building. in breezy point, queens, a massive fire now extinguished destroyed at least 80 homes. and on long island, home video caught this amazing sight when a giant tree was uprooted during the height of the storm. now in terms of the biggest hurdles that remain, power and transportation. in terms of transportation, it could be four or five days before all of the subway lines run and running. and in terms of outages in brooklyn and manhattan, we're talking about four to five days before all of the power could
6:31 pm
be restored. dana, back to you. >> just phenomenal, vinita, thank you very much. downed power lines are a hazard all over the storm- battered east coast. wires zapped this car in a city in brick township, new jersey, yesterday. there is no word if anyone was inside or if anyone was injured. for the latest on sandy's path and airport delays across the country, log on to we could be looking at a rush to retire in contra costa county. it's because county workers will now be covered by a new pension reform law. cbs 5 reporter don ford on a vote today that will end the controversial practice of spiking. >> so i have no choice but to get out now and forge ahead in some other job full time. >> reporter: susan is talking about retiring two years earlier than she planned. she and others want to avoid a new law that prohibits county employees from using unused sick pay to calculate pension
6:32 pm
benefits during their last year at work. a practice called spiking. the contra costa retirement board met today to implement the law. an attorney's advice was clear. >> the legislature said as a matter of policy that we want you to stop including certain things and it made it very clear in ab-197. >> reporter: the county supervisor john goya says ignoring the law could jeopardize the fund. >> the irs could do away with our tax-exempt status if we don't follow this state law. >> reporter: a classic case of spiking. san ramon valley fire cheap craig bowen retired with a base pension of $193,000. add in unused sick leave, standby pay, management pay, car allowance, administrative leave and topped with $28,000 of unused vacation, brings his pension to $295,000 a year for life.
6:33 pm
today's decision would have prevented him from adding the unused vacation. sciu contra costa president alan cohen says while there have been abuses, he still defends the practice. >> private sector has nothing like this. >> that's -- that's true. and it's -- it's only true because of the slow erosion over the past 30 years of -- of unions. >> reporter: without a real option the board voted. >> 7 yeses and 2 nos. motions passes. >> reporter: and the lawyers are lining up. >> we sue them, they sue the state we sue the state. everybody sues everybody. rather than being reactionary like they are i might sit back and couple months see what shakes out. because we know other agencies are going to sue. >> reporter: in concord, don ford, cbs 5. a bay area scientist who spent 44 years recording
6:34 pm
nature's sounds shows a great silence is spreading over the natural world. cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno took a listen. >> reporter: sugarloaf ridge in the mountains nestled between sonoma and napa valley not a soul in sight but for one man the peace and quite set deafening. >> it's all changed now and it's changing hear. >> reporter: what you're about to hear is the sound of a damaged habitat. listen to an audio recording at sugarloaf in april 2000. [ birds and other noises ] >> reporter: now listen to a second recording but 11 years later. [ more sound ] >> i feel a little bit saddened and bereft because so much of this stuff is gone now. >> reporter: the doctor spent nearly half a century recording nature. in his archive he collected roughly 5,000 hours of sounds
6:35 pm
from some of the most pristine locations in the world. >> the first recordings were made that i did were made in muir woods and it changed my life. it was an epiphany. >> reporter: now they are silent or no longer wild. >> all i know is what i see and what i record, i have the data. i can show the changes. and this is what's happening. >> reporter: as for why, you don't have to go very far to see or hear it. [ loud industrial noise ] >> reporter: humans are making a lot more noise. and we're silencing nature. >> just like the musical score. >> reporter: on a graphic display called a spectra gram using a recording from indonesia he shows how wild animals cooperate and share space. >> see how they all stay out of each other's way? the mammals and birds? birds up here, insects, frogs. >> reporter: he says too much noise competes with that sound and throws off the animals.
6:36 pm
so too does pollution, mining, global warming and deforestation. even a little bit of logging creates a problem. here's an old growth forest near truckee in 1988. [ birds tweeting ] >> reporter: here's the same forest one year later after selective logging. he believes we can all benefit if we are more quiet and attentive to the natural sounds around us. >> this is what you want to leave as your legacy for your kids and your grandchildren in the world that you leave behind. >> reporter: paul deanno, cbs 5. do you know who is checking your credit? coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why pg&e is looking into your finances and why the utility can get away with it. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of its customers. cbs5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what te co
6:39 pm
pg&e admits it has run credit checks on millions of its customers. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what the company is trying to find out and how the utility was busted. >> reporter: when it comes to paying her pg&e bill, terry bitner is a shining example. >> i have had continuous service for at least 18 years. i have never had a late payment. >> reporter: so she was shocked when she recently check her credit report and discovered pg&e has been checking it too. >> i just couldn't think of any reason why they would check it. >> reporter: but they did. the record of request is right here on bitner's credit report and if you're a pg&e customer it's likely on yours too. the utility says back in july, it did what's known as a soft credit inquiry on all of its customers in an effort to track down people with unpaid balance from old closed accounts. >> they do not need your permission. >> reporter: rick harper of the consumer credit counseling service says unlike hard inquiries that are done when you apply for a loan or credit card, soft credit inquiries don't impact your credit score.
6:40 pm
but a record of any inquiry must appear on your credit report. and you might be surprised by how many businesses can take a peek at your credit history without telling you. >> the fair credit reporting law says if a creditor has a legitimate business interest with you or a potential business interest with you, they can scan your file. >> reporter: but even though they have the right, teri isn't so keen on pg&e's explanation for checking her report. >> their answer that they don't know who owes them money doesn't make sense. >> reporter: now, pg&e says the mass inquiry turns up several thousand delinquent accounts and while the utility can figure out who owes them money on their own, it says it was more efficient to use an outside company for these credit inquiries. now, for a link to your free credit report, go to and you can see who is checking your credit. >> interesting. all right. thank you. have you ever given blood?
6:41 pm
what about your dog? >> come here, girl. okay, girl. >> how your pet can save the lives of 44 other dogs. it only takes five minutes. >> you get the goldstar for parenting if you are take your kids to the parade in the morning and taking them trick or treating in the evening. but coming up in weather find out why you may need an umbrella for one but not the other. details coming up. >> what do turkeys and football have in common? jim harbaugh will explain that. i'm dennis o'donnell. and a look at the warriors center of attention and will he play in tomorrow night's opener? ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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each other, do they may be man's best friend but when it comes to helping each other, dogs can go above and beyond. cbs 5's frank mallicoat on how some extraordinary animals are literally sticking their necks out to save lives. >> come here, girl. >> reporter: debbie gross and her husband bruce love their weimar ranker dogs. they are like family. >> it was scary. >> reporter: the couple prepared to do all they could to save her life when she was diagnosed with cancer. >> she was 9 and we wanted to
6:45 pm
give her the best possible chance that she had. and so we went forth with the surgery. >> reporter: tori needed a blood transfusion made possible by uc-davis' all volunteer canine blood bank. >> every day it's being used for all the same reasons that humans need blood. we have dogs that come in that have anemia, some that have trauma. >> reporter: this is nothing new for the vet hospital. they do about 800 dog blood transfusions each year. isn't that right, shorty? come on. >> gets processed the same way. we use the same collection system for the dogs as humans. >> reporter: dogs can donate monthly and need to be between 1 and 8 years old and at least 55 pounds in good health and heartworm-negative. dogs like hudson and joey also need good temperament just as humans give blood through a vein in the arms dogs give blood in a vein through the neck. during the five minutes they
6:46 pm
give them treats to keep them calm. joey's donations have helped saved the lives of 44 other dogs. >> we are helping him do his bit. >> good job. >> reporter: dogs have about 5 major blood types with one universal donor. dogs' blood is not breed- specific, only species, specific. bruce and debbie eventually lost tori to cancer. >> these are the three current blood donors. >> reporter: but their new dogs have made dozens of donations in tori's honor that could save any breed interest a toy poodle to a saint bernard. >> it's a great opportunity to give back. >> reporter: in fairfield, frank mallicoat, cbs 5. >> we have more information on how your dog can donate on click on "links and numbers." >> taking another look at sandy as she moves far afield. >> you hear all the names. it all came t fruition. i wanted to measure how big the
6:47 pm
storm is from the north end of the cloud shield from hudson bay, canada. all the way south to atlanta, sandy currently still is nearly 2,000 miles wide. 1,989 miles wide and will continue to cause wind and rain, flooding and snow problems back east. what it also has done as we look live over san jose, it's slowed down the atmosphere in our next weathermaker will not arrive until tomorrow evening. so those of you heading out to the parade you can actually indirectly thank sandy for keeping the rain at bay. literally. low 50s over my. hi-def doppler the stronger radar in the bay area, it's dry. we have some rain 6 hours to our north heading in our direction. look at the big comma shape. that's a classic strong low pressure area. not sandy. this is on the west coast bringing heavy rainfall to the pacific northwest.
6:48 pm
slowly but surely, that rain will move down in our direction. but it's going to take about 4 more hours. tomorrow morning parade 11:00 even when the parade finishes at 2:00 or 3:00, we'll be dry, although cloudy and chilly. rains holds off for the parade. tomorrow evening for trick or treating it's going to be soggy after 5:00, showers will develop and then by about midnight it's going to be a steady rainfall. we could get up to an inch of rainfall by thursday afternoon. timing things out we'll stop the clock around 11:00, 12:00 in the heart of the parade, clouds widespread but rain up to the north. north of the golden gate. showers moving in and by 6:00 tomorrow evening it's raining in marin and sonoma and napa and the rain will slowly migrate from north to south. temperatures tomorrow because the cloud cover kept down out of the 70s only the 60s tomorrow. oakland 67. concord 68. santa clara valley, san jose 66. campbell 67. los gatos 68. upper 60s for concord, pleasant hill, san ramon 68.
6:49 pm
pleasanton and livermore close to 70 but likely staying short. berkeley tomorrow on the cal campus looking at 64. sonoma 67. mill valley 66. it will be chilly. grab a jacket for that parade tomorrow. nice to say parade. world series champions. we have a parade tomorrow. san francisco only 64 degrees. rain begins tomorrow evening. rain ends thursday afternoon. thursday's commute is going to be soggy. highs in the 60s. then high pressure builds back in. 70s on friday. upper 70s on saturday. and some of you on sunday and monday will likely make it into the low 80s away from the water. so sunny after thursday but showers moving in tomorrow night. sports is coming up next.
6:50 pm
this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us.
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spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles.
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super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. just once in the last 18 ye. it's a mark of futility unmatched in the, wy will it be different this y? the warriors have made the play-offs just once in the last 18 years. that's the mark of futility unmatched in the nba. so why will it be different this year? two reasons. opening night on the road against the suns tomorrow night can only mean one thing. it's that optimistic time of yor again for the golden state warriors. they finally have their healthy big man to start the season. australian native andrew bogut participated in his first full practice yesterday after breaking his ankle an january 25. the warriors have been cautious
6:53 pm
during his 6 month rehab and coach marc jackson says he will be a game-time decision. >> the guy hasn't played since january. when he is healthy he is the top 5 center until the world. it's going to take time for that. we'll wait until the reandrew bogut shows up but we'll take this one for now. >> everybody else goes to work. i have been hurt, so be it, move on, try not to be hurt in the future. >> just the fact that we have a full roster out there, everybody's getting energized. >> reporter: meanwhile stephen curry declared himself healthy after re-injured his surgically repaired ankle. if he doesn't sign an extension with the warriors by tonight he will become a free agent next summer, something that his teammates and coach don't want to see. >> i got shots up at the gym and text him on the way home if you need to borrow my pen i have an extra pen for him that i'd love to have him here for
6:54 pm
as many years as he can so if you need to borrow a pen to sign i would love to lend him one. >> i want him to cosign. [ laughter ] >> all laughs and it all sounds good on paper but the odds- makers aren't buying it. the miami heat are favorites to win it all at 9-4. the warriors 150 to 1. bet your house on that. the 49 irs, they are 6-1 odds to win the super bowl. if alex smith keeps playing like last night somebody is going to make some money. call it a bounce back game for the 49ers quarterback who found his confidence after losing it in the most unlikely place. >> it was in my closet. i found it. [ laughter ] >> it was in there. found it. >> smith completed 18 of 19 passes. and that set a league accuracy record for a minimum of 15 attempts. his quarterback rating was off the charts at 157. so here's how one teammate
6:55 pm
summed up alex's game right now. >> alex takes a lot of flak in the media. he has bad games like every other quarterback in the national football league. he is starting to get, you know, the wins under his belt, you know, last year in the play- offs he was outstanding lights out. he had a couple of bad games this year but then he bounced back with a good game. he is a really good quarterback and hopefully we can get a super bowl and people will get off his back. >> i love donte. he was being his usual diplomatic self. jim harbaugh? well, it's almost thanksgiving. isn't it? >> national story maybe alex confidence -- >> i think there's a couple of reporters that are coming up with that. you know, and -- >> i was just going to ask if maybe you think his performance tonight maybe put any confidence issues to rest. >> i don't think there was ever a question there. i think it's just a lot of gobble gobble turkey. >> what is gobble gobble turkey? just gobble gobble gobble turkey from giant turkey gobblers. you know?
6:56 pm
[ laughter ] >> paints a pretty good picture. of a confident guy. [ laughter ] >> if turkey isn't on your menu how about tacos? hundreds made a run for the border this afternoon in redwood city to get a glimpse of angel pagan. everybody in america from 2 to 4 today got a free taco. that's a long time to stand for a taco. don't forget, we'll have the parade route covered tomorrow and they are all gathering at the civic center plaza. our coverage starts at 11. remember the left hander who threw a perfect grader in 2010? he declined' minor league a signmentful he missed the entire season rehabbing from tommy john surgery.
6:57 pm
joey devine also declined a minor league assignment today. we'll leave you with something you will flip over. high school football game putnam high school in oklahoma city. runningback somersaults and that's a touchdown. it's unconfirmed who the player is but video doesn't lie, right? video has already been turned into a tv commercial. >> really? >> you know? >> incredible. nice move. >> very athletic young man. >> so jim harbaugh obviously was calling the writers who suspected this confidence problem a bunch of turkeys. [ laughter ] >> what was that? gobble gobble turkey, turkey jibe. >> yeah. >> laughing. >> you got to laugh. >> good thing. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado beep-bop-boop- and you could save hundreds."
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